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Angrogen in the Garden, Genesis 1:27
Androgen in the Garden; Genesis 1:27. Graphite on canvas. 2015. Appearing at TEDxVancouver 2015.

Genesis 1:27 is a paradox. It states that the creator made man and woman both, in their own image, a chapter before the account of the division of the sexes. Christianity before the calcifying actions of the Council of Nicaea in 325 existed as a far more varied, radical, and unfamiliar religious spectrum than today. Some sects interpreted the above passage to mean that man and woman were originally created equally, others, that the first human had two faces and two fronts. Others still stumble upon the conclusion that Adam must have been a hermaphrodite. Should we choose this final interpretation, and recall that we are to have been created in the creator's image, we must ask, what does that say about god?
The Lovers
This adaptation of the tarot card 'The Lovers' was created for the Ostara Tarot show in Vancouver. As anyone who's viewed my gallery knows well, beautiful naked people is what I do. As always, however, I try and bring to my work something more than that, some emotion, some idea, some theme. With love, I wanted to work in that it can be more complicated than attraction and affection, it can be dangerous, it can destroy you. The piece is also reversible; the orientation here is arbitrary, as the roles, dominance and balance in relationships is by no means preordained. I want also to state that anyone of any gender or persuasion could just as easily be here in this image, but I made the choice of a man and a woman to try and represent and provide room for self insertion for as many human beings as might view this image.

Graphite and gold leaf on water-colour paper, some Photoshop retouching.
As an atheist, I have become fascinated with the Christian institution of Satan. The Devil, Lucifer, the Morning Star, Mephistopheles. Just imagining it. A singularity of all ostentation and lust and pleasure. Moreso, I think about the crimes attributed this personage; temptation to consider socially forbidden ideas and practices, the doubting of dogma, the brokering of the rejection of established custom for something new, and maybe better. I think about all that is welcomed by them, free love, free thought, questioning, innovation, creativity, diversity, alternatives, and apostasy, music, dancing, food, fucking, orgies, and unincriminated enjoyment of the body, the mind, the fruits of life, and the Earthly world. And finally, I think of all those sent to them, and who are accepted in their domain, lesbians, gays, trangendereds, scientists, inventors, animals, literally anyone from any religion outside the Abrahamic traditions, potentially anyone from within them, and the Rolling Stones.
Truly, there is evil in this world. But it comes from a lack of empathy, which I hold to be a verb. I say all this, again, as an atheist. But my reading has been that Satan is tolerant, accepting, open minded, free thinking, and undiscriminating. Pondering at the case as objectively as I can, I wonder if Satan might not be a highly representative and venerable exemplar of the values we in the modern day hold the very dearest.


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Pandora Young
Artist | Varied
Illustrator, artist, sexpot, whatnot, working and living in beautiful Vancouver, Canada!

I am currently completing my degree in Illustration at Emily Carr University of Art + Design!

I'm always taking commissions, love collaborations, and I'm super friendly, so drop me a line any time!
I recently did an interview with Vancouver's awesome Hot Art Wet City gallery! In truth I feel totally bashful but honoured because they have the most outstanding archive of artist interviews on their website!

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